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Procurement IT Systems Support Risks

Procurement IT Systems Support Risks

Effective procurement and supply chain management requires high quality IT Systems support, otherwise accurate and timely data will seriously jeopardise management decisions and actions.

The IT Systems support is a factor throughout the procurement process and continues after goods and services have been delivered. The long-term service or product support will often drive into the ability of the organisation to meet their customers contractual obligations and in-house obligations.

The ability of procurement to have access to modern IT systems is crucial, for example, the whole electronic purchasing capability, including tendering and reverse auctions. The investment in IT systems support for procurement typically lags behind other organisational departments.

This data set of Procurisk will expose where procurement is vulnerable because of inadequate IT systems support. The significant business benefit that will accrue is identifying where procurement can be more efficient and ensure that the organisation is not exposed to risks caused by inadequate information emanating from IT systems. The integration of procurement IT systems with other in-house IT Systems is a key consideration.

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