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Project Procurement Risks

Project Procurement Risks

One-off Projects present a challenge to the in-house Project Team and Procurement Colleagues. There is, typically, an in-balance between expert Contractors and relatively inexperienced Project Teams in the specific Project technology and service outputs required.

Within the context of Procurisk®, modelling the wide range of Procurement Project Risks, we are focusing on critical Procurement risks. This dataset of Procurisk® will greatly assist Procurement to review a wide range of Project Risks, embracing the inputs from colleagues  in Project Management, Finance , Design, Legal Services, Health and Safety,  Quality and operational delivery.

The application of Procurisk®  at  the early stage in Project planning will deliver immediate benefits by exposing potential Project risks and assisting with risk mitigation planning. Past failures on the business community to identify Procurement Risks has led to disastrous financial outcomes and reputational damage. Procurisk® will materially help to avoid these scenarios.

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